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Zero to Three Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum® for your child’s educational enhancement. For detailed information about this curriculum visit:

The Creative Curriculum® offers choices, encourages flexibility, and provides direction on how to reach goals and objectives. It allows teachers to incorporate milestones that are important to each child’s development.

The Creative Curriculum®
for Zero to Three

Provides a comprehensive framework that emphasizes that relationships between caregivers/teachers and children and their families form the basis of curriculum for very young children. For detailed information on Birth to Three standards please visit:

Baby Talk Model

Baby TALK equips professionals for Baby Talk’s mission: To positively impact child development and nurture healthy parent-child relationships during the critical early years. Baby TALK teachers give parents specific behavioral strategies for handling situations. Every parent wants to know what to do when a child cries, misbehaves or shows regressive behavior. Simply telling parents “not to worry” or that ‘this challenge will pass’ trivializes the frustration and suffering parents’ experience. Explaining the causes for children’s behavior and giving parents coping strategies, however, lets parents know that their concerns are important. In order for the parent-child relationship to survive these challenges, parents need to know that their concerns are respected and that their relationship with their child is worth all the hard work. Parents assume that educators are only interested in schools and books, and are amazed to find that Baby TALK teachers care about their child’s sleeping, eating and crying habits. The Baby TALK program first addresses those topics that are critical to parents and children, with the understanding that the parent-child relationship is primary to everything else. Academic achievement is more likely when the family’s immediate needs have been met. The Baby TALK model is being implemented in 36 states where professionals are building systems of collaboration to support families. For additional information visit:

 The Baby TALK model stands for:





Teacher Parent Conference

Parent teacher conference reports are prepared based on Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children.  These Guidelines also provide suggestions and ideas on how to create early experiences that benefit all children’s learning and development. For detailed information about this Illinois Early Learning Guidelines please visit,


At IPELC/IPITC we believe that authentic, ongoing assessment of children in any early childhood program is the key to planning appropriate learning experiences and helping all children succeed. Assessments for our 0-3 program are mainly based on daily observations made by the teachers and assistant teachers. In our 3-5 years old program we use on spot observations, daily observations, alphabetic knowledge forms, number concepts form and shapes form.