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Preschool Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum®
for Preschool

Describes and demonstrates how to plan a developmentally appropriate program focusing on ten well-organized interest areas. Its underlying philosophy draws from Jean Piaget’s work on cognitive development, Erik Erikson’s stages of socio-emotional development, and accepted theories of how children learn best. The approach is practical, easy-to-understand, and immediately applicable to a variety of settings.

Children are individuals who develop at different rates.

Each child is unique. Each grows and develops skills and competencies at their own pace. Some children may have a developmental delay or disability that may require program staff members to adapt expectations or experiences so that individual children can successfully achieve a particular benchmark.

Early Learning Standards

Kindergarten Readiness Testing (KRT) The KRT is designed to be administered at the end of preschool. For students entering kindergarten it is generally presumed that they are ready to begin formal instruction in the development of reading, mathematics, and language skills.  IPELC/IPITC student will be evaluated on six subtests.

  • Vocabulary                        Phonemic Awareness
  • Identifying Letter           Comprehension and Interpretation
  • Visual Discrimination   Mathematical Knowledge

For additional information regarding KRT please visit:

Teacher Parent Conference

Parent teacher conference reports are prepared based on Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children.  These Guidelines also provide suggestions and ideas on how to create early experiences that benefit all children’s learning and development. For detailed information about this Illinois Early Learning Guidelines please visit:


At IPELC/IPITC we believe that authentic, ongoing assessment of children in any early childhood program is the key to planning appropriate learning experiences and helping all children succeed. Assessments for our 0-3 program are mainly based on daily observations made by the teachers and assistant teachers. In our 3-5 years old program we use on spot observations, daily observations, alphabetic knowledge forms, number concepts form and shapes form.

Parents Central

An essential component of our curriculum is accurately assessing the development of the children in the classrooms and planning activities to meet their needs. To accomplish this, our program uses PLUS, an online assessment, reporting and planning system. This unique online tool helps us to follow your child’s progress, plan the curriculum, and communicate and collaborate with you. There is no fee for you to use this exciting online system!